It is possible to rewrite one's story.
Every step is a step in the right direction.
Empowering others to live life to the fullest.
We help our clients live life with their heads held high.
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Transformation: Our ultimate goal at Circle of Life is for clients to reach their mental healthcare goals and to live with an improved quality of life. Our deep respect for the importance of the community to Native culture, as well as how vital it is to pass down traditions from one generation to the next, helps those who have finished treatment live a life full of hope, pride and optimism. Through treatment and beyond, we truly believe that transformation can occur for our clients and that it’s possible to rewrite one’s life story.

Improvement: Change doesn’t happen overnight, but every step in the right direction is a step toward improving not only one’s own life, but the lives of loved ones and those in the community. At Circle of Life, we meet each client right where they are on their journey and help them, one step at a time, toward their goals. With each session, clients improve their communication skills and their ability and courage to be honest with themselves and those around them.

Empowerment: When clients know that they have found the words to speak and the coping skills to back them up, they are empowered to live life to the fullest, well-equipped to approach their triggers and challenges and the stresses that life can throw their way. Through counseling, either individual or with a family or group, each client learns new ways of communication and how to rebuild relationships that have fallen into disarray.

Confidence: With increased and improved communication skills, as well as newfound love, respect and pride for one’s culture comes confidence. At Circle of Life, our goal for our clients is that they live life with their heads held high, content in the fact that they have inherent worth as human beings and are integral parts of not only the lives of their loved ones but of the Native American community as a whole.