New Moon Lodge

At New Moon, a 14-bed residential treatment center open to adult Native American males from any tribe in the U.S., we are proud to provide the highest-quality behavioral health care in Native America.

Our vision? A future where native communities have access to the power and resources to sustain longstanding traditions, and are self-sufficient with a high quality of life for everyone, in every family. Our person-centered focus allows clients a safe space to explore their spirituality and get in touch with their culture and traditions in a healing, transformative way. As members of New Mexico’s native community, we’re sensitive to the importance of the role of the man in the community and the family, and our treatment methods honor each man’s lived experience and personal journey. Since many of our clients have a history of multiple residential placements, an emphasis is placed on the regaining of pride and self-confidence.

Our philosophy centers on the importance of honoring Native American culture and identity, and residents participate in a structured program with those ideals as a foundation. Traditional and spiritual involvement coexists with comprehensive individual and group counseling, leading to a path that each client and his loved ones can follow after reintegration into the community.

At New Moon, we believe that once a client leaves residential treatment, his treatment isn’t ending – his recovery is only beginning. We work with each client to create a customized treatment plan that includes referrals to community resources, access to healthcare, education, and job training skills.