Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts is a comprehensive, integrated and community driven cross systems collaboration of care, that supports and promotes the mental health and wellness of New Mexico’s 8 Northern Indian Pueblo’s youth and families.

Healing Hearts and its task force of Tribal Members provide a “community voice” that includes children, adolescents, transitional aged youth, parents and caregivers.


Our Program

Utilizing a Resource Asset Map, a Community Needs Assessment and a Community Readiness Assessment we are able to better identify and assess community issues, needs and trends. Groups meet regularly to engineer a “System” that addresses the Tribal Youth and Family’s mental health and substance abuse issues within the 8 Northern Indian Pueblos.


Through various platforms like Social Media, we promote educational and informational mental health and wellness summits, events and trainings. By strategically planning and coordinating services that efficiently utilize Tribal community resources, we are better able to integrate culturally appropriate approaches for future program development. Our goal is to create a “path” that leads the Tribal community towards healing.


Healing Hearts is funded through the Circles of Care (CoC) Grant Project and under Circle of Life’s (COL) Behavioral Health Network and the 8 Northern Indian Pueblo.