Circle of Life Behavioral Health Network

At Circle of Life, we envision and work toward a future where traditional and holistic treatment methods coexist with Western medicine – a future where communities are self-sufficient and have access to the power and resources to sustain what makes them one-of-a-kind.

We believe in inner strength. People have an intrinsic ability to heal that we cultivate and nourish while holding space for them to explore their cultures, traditions and spirituality. When the mind, body and spirit are healed and aligned, relationships are renewed and repaired, and a reawakened sense of personal responsibility and transparency leads to improvements both in the home setting and at work.

New Mexico’s native community is rich in history and tradition. It’s a privilege to serve that community, incorporating traditional healing methods that have been passed down for generations. We honor the sacred place that family holds in the community by involving loved ones in the treatment process as much as possible. We are honored to live and work in this community while healing and transforming the quality of life of the families of our clients.

We actively work toward a future where traditional treatment methods coexist with Western medicine and where communities are self-sufficient and thriving.


Circle of Life Behavioral Network is a program of Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, Inc.

Circle of Life
Our Mission

Circle of Life’s goal is to provide the best outpatient mental healthcare for people of all ages in Native America.

Our Vision

We envision a future of resilient families and communities powered by honest communication, self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

Our Beliefs/Philosophy

Well-Being for All Ages: It’s never too early – or too late – to seek help and healing. Our focus on people of all ages, from children to adults and from individuals to families and groups, means that whomever seeks assistance on their journey toward improved mental health will find healing and empathy at Circle of Life.

Community Support: At Circle of Life, we believe in giving back to one’s community. As residents of the communities we serve, we have a deep interest in seeing them thrive and succeed, and instill in our clients the belief that caring for one’s community makes life better for everyone.

Circle of Life

If you receive a letter asking for payment for any services provided at Circle of Life Behavioral Health, Butterfly Healing Center, or New Moon Lodge, it is a scam. Do not call them and do not send them money.

You will never receive a bill for services from Circle of Life or any of our programs asking for payment.

If you have received a bill from us asking for payment please contact Carmela Martinez, Billing and Intake Manager at

To learn more please read the letter below from our Director, Dorothy Forbes.